Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Booba Cartoon Plush Doll

Dear Community,
We are adaideaja tbk (Tukang boneka dan kaos), a high trusted custom doll manufacture, established since 2008

We make a look alike doll, personalized and customized as a customer wishes (by request) WITHOUT minimum quantity order

One of customer request is a cartoon character, such as Booba Cartoon. 

booba cartoon boneka karakter di youtube

boneka boba cartoon

We make Booba Plush doll not for commercial, but personal request
Don't be hesitate to try make your own doll, personalized, WITHOUT minimum quantity

Whatsapp: +6285728309759

Monday, May 9, 2022

Original Handmade Custom Doll

There is no reason to limit creativity   
We are emothaicon (under licensed by adaideaja doll manufacture) make an original handmade custom plush toy, a doll that designed from existing characters, or customized as customer wishes.
From Draft to Craft, from Picture to Plushie

Here it is for example 
As an Original Handmade Plush doll maker, we make without minimum quantity, even 1 pcs only.
Don't be hesitate to contact us:
whatsapp: +6285728309759
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